Petit’s Tours of Old Staffordshire

The first book on Petit, focusing especially on his art from Staffordshire and in the form of tours that anyone can follow, came out in March 2019. Below is the flyer for it. The book can be ordered direct from or from us directly, or found at numerous bookshops across Staffordshire and St Peter’s giftshop in Wolverhampton. Cost £14 plus p&p

  • Reviews of the book (all favourable) have been published by:
    • The British Art Journal
    • The Historian
    • The Black Countryman
    • Select (a Wolverhampton magazine)
    • Ancient Monument Society Newsletter
    • Staffordshire Newspapers covering Stafford, Stone, Stoke, Uttoxeter, Leek, Lichfield, and Asbourne (Derbyshire)
  • The book has been nominated for the William MB Berger 2020 prize for art books published during 2019

Other Recent Publications

About St Philip’s Caerdeon:

British Listed Buildings about St Philip’s Caerdeon, see

Friends of Friendless Churches news: see:

Academic Articles:

1. ‘The Beauty of Churches’ November 2017 (volume 18, no2) article in the British Art Journal ( is the first serious overview of his artistic achievements and illustrates how his style developed over his career.  

2. ‘Standing up to the Neo-Gothicists’ Ecclesiology Today, journal of the Ecclesiological Society ( July 2018 vol 55-56 issue. This assesses his contribution to architectural thought and especially his emphasis on preservation, originality, and beauty

3. ‘ J L Petit Lost Progressive Artist’ Forthcoming 2021 British Art Journal, demonstrates how Petit moved in a different direction to the rest of British art in the mid-19th Century, between Turner and the continental impressionists

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