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Petit’s main architectural contributions are in his books and speeches, about style and design in general. However, he also produced many studies of individual churches, backed by his own inimitable watercolours and drawings. The most important are listed on this page. Eventually (2022 ?) each may have a little context, some of Petit’s pictures, and link to a historical society, by clicking on the name. The substance of the article, the architectural history of the building is available elsewhere and is not repeated here. Not mentioned also are those that Petit wrote up for the Anastatic Drawing Societies, mid-century clubs trying to record and preserve information on ancient buildings.


These churches are all sole subjects of articles or speeches, with the exceptions of Ashbourne, Norbury, Lichfield Cathedral and St Paul’s Cathedral. These are included because of the extent of Petit’s known work on each of them.

Berkshire                       Uffington, St Mary’s

Cheshire                        Nantwich, St Mary’s

Cumbria                        Cartmel Priory, 

                           Lanercost Priory, 

Derbyshire:                    Ashbourne, St Oswalds

                           Norbury, St Mary and St Barlok

Dorset                           Sherborne Abbey, 

                          Wimborne Minster,

Gloucestershire         Tewkesbury Abbey, 

Hampshire                 Romsey Abbey, 

London                       St Paul’s Cathedral

Nottinghamshire         Southwell Minster, 

Norfolk                        Gillingham, St Mary’s

                          Wymondham Priory

Northumbria               Brinkburn Priory

Shropshire                   Buildwas Abbey

                          Shifnal, St Andrew

                          Tong, St Bartholomew

Staffordshire               Leigh, Gnosall, Acton

                                    Lichfield cathedral

Sussex                       Boxgrove Priory

Yorkshire                  Beverley Minster

                        Howden Minster


Petit illustrated between 70 and 90 French churches in Architectural Studies in France. Over half are from the Val de Loire region, and most around Tours. However one cannot say that these were all studied in detail. If one just considers those where a floor plan is given, and multiple illustrations, the number is less. In addition Petit wrote a paper for the Society of Antiquaries on St Radegonde, in Tours. There are of course innumerable others which he painted all over France; some he returned to several times; so this list could be much longer.

Val De Loire

Amboise, St Denis

Blois, St Nicholas

Loches, Collegiale St Ours 

Tours, St Radegonde, 

Pays de la Loire

Angers, La Trinite

Nouvelle Acquitaine

Perigueux, St Etienne de la Cite


Le Puy, St Michel


Petit first visited Corfu in 1857. However he returned to this church on several occasions in that year, painting it 7 times. It became the basis of designs he proposed in several subsequent speeches, replacing later versions of the same plan from Italy, or St Stephen’s Walbrook, because of its originality and age

Corfu, SS Iason i Sossipatro

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