Architectural Sketches finished for Exhibition

8.1 Barzy, France Rev J L Petit

1856, 36x24cm, watercolour on paper, private collection

This drawing was reproduced for the Anastatic Society album of 1857, from a long tour in central Europe. Anastatic reproduction was done from a copy made in special black ink, therefore the watercolour was finished for another purpose.

8.2 Old Church In Corfu, Rev J L Petit

1857, dated on reverse, 24x34cm, watercolour on paper, private collection

Petit made his first trip to Greece and Turkey in 1857, presented his thoughts to the Royal Institute of Architects in 1858, and wrote them up in an 1866 article for the Archaeological Institute after his subsequent trip to the Middle East in 1865. A different view of this Corfu church is illustrated in the article. All three views were well finished, enough to be shown at the RIBA meeting, unlike many from this trip. 

8.3 Pantocrator, Constantinople, Turkey, Rev JL Petit

c1857, 25x34cm, watercolour on paper, private collection

This was used as an illustration in Petit’s article in Archaeological Journal “Remarks on Medieval Architecture in the East, part 1” 1866 vol XXIII. However Petit first painted the Pantocrator on his trip to Constantinople in 1857, and it is not clear if he returned there on the way back from his trip to Syria and Egypt in 1865. Whatever the timing, the interesting aspect of this picture is its finish – completely unlike the sketches he took on the spot at any time, or the finished sketches for presentation shown in section 7. He likely prepared this at home for exhibiting in support of his speech on the subject, at RIBA in 1858 or the Architectural Exhibition Society in 1866. We have seen only one other similar – Buildwas Abbey on the home page, although others may well exist.

8.4 Standlake, Oxfordshire, Rev J L Petit

1857, 36x24cm, watercolour on paper, private collection

Taken during an earlier trip in 1857 through the UK and up to Scotland, this well finished sketch has the remains of Petit’s paper exhibition label centre bottom

8.5 Schwarzach, Germany, Rev J L Petit

1855, 24x36cm, watercolour on paper, private collection

Schwarzach is another eventually reproduced in an Anastatic Drawing Society album, yet showing an unusual degree of finish for a drawing where the primary focus is still the church. Only a little further distant, and with more light effects, and this would become one of those church-landscapes that he occasionally completed just for their own sake, shown in the next section.

8.6 Fontgombaud, France. Rev J L Petit

1858, 24x36cm, watercolour on paper, private collection

Another church-landscape, but still focused on the church. Petit includes some sky and foreground to make an impressive picture.

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